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Lost Girl Season 4 Finale


It was so cringeworthy bad that not even the death of Kenzi at the end of the episode had any fucking impact on me. I know everybody was trying but with shitastic dialogue horrible fight choreography and dumb plot it was just bad bad bad bad. WHO IS WRITING THIS SHIT. I remember when this show was about two awesome women just going through life being crazy and fun. I remember whenever this show got too serious it always did it with a touch of cleverness and self awareness of how ridiculous it was. Now its just a former shell of itself, trading its fun ridiculousness for shitty melodrama that is not good.


Remember when shit like this would happen:

I have no idea if Ksenia Solo wanted off so they killed her character, but honestly even if she was coming back in the next season (no official announcement except a casting call which isn't a guarantee of renewal) I don't know if I can keep watching this mess.

On top of the fact that the Wanderer and Dark King plotlines have fizzled out in ways that are completely dumb. I just don't even know where they can go.


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