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Low Budget Milky Whites are the Stuff of Nightmares

Now that Into the Woods is out in theaters, most critics seem to agree that the movie sounds great, with beautiful singing, but is missing some of the heart and magic of the original stage show. While some authors are convinced that not killing off critical characters is to blame, the Tumbr "Low Budget Milky Whites" has now convinced me that the real flaw in the Into the Woods movie was using a real cow for Jack's beloved pet. Clearly the charm of the original show would have been retained had the movie version used one of the following community theater props for the milkless Milky White instead.


These are all making me terribly jealous that despite participating in low budget children's theater and community theater for most of my childhood, I never got to be in Into the Woods. Ah well, dreams I can force upon my children as I live vicariously through them.


For more wonderfully low budget Milky White cows, check out http://lowbudgetmilkywhites.tumblr.com/.

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