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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Seth Green's comedy show Star Wars Detours also postponed "until a later date", details on a new Animated series coming in the next few months.

Lucasfilm have issued a press release today confirming that Clone Wars, which just wrapped up its 5th season last week, will be wrapping up as production on a new Star Wars animated series set in "a time period previously untouched in Star Wars films or television programming" begins.


The press release confirms that whilst new episodes of the show will no longer be shown on Cartoon Network, Director David Filoni says that whilst the end is nigh for the animated series, there'll still some of the Clone Wars story left to tell:

I know a lot of you have written letters, and emailed, and would love the show to persist... it's not over yet. In fact, the best is yet to come. We have some of the most exciting, most important story arcs still coming your way.

Not going to lie, I'm really bummed out about this. Whilst the end was inevitably in sight for Clone Wars, despite its rocky first season it's developed into an exciting, gorgeously animated series, and is easily the best Star Wars content Lucasfilm have produced in the Prequel-era. Whether what constitutes 'wrapping up' is a full series - potentially on Disney XD - or a handful of extra episodes, it looks like it's going to start dealing with the events leading up to Revenge of the Sith (or, as the clip seemingly teases, perhaps even Order 66's fallout as well). Let's hope it sends The Clone Wars off with a well deserved bang.

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