Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Happy New Year all, it’s time for the last of our four season 2 holdovers, this one as it turns out, is a flashback episode. Hopefully things will be a bit more coherent for the rest of the season. Welcome to the Lucifer season 3 episode 11 “City of Angels?” spoilerific reaction, where you can share your thoughts on the show as it plays out or after it’s done.

If you have any reviews you want to share, post them done in the comments and I’ll throw them up here.

  • Latoya Ferguson at the AV Club liked this episode almost as much as the last holdover episode:

I’m taking a break from doing Title Drop of the Week because of my bad track record this past season. So in it’s place I’m introducing a new feature called Interesting Roles, where I go through the filmography of one of the actors on this show and share some film or show they were part of in the past. And so here we go with:

Interesting Roles: Tom Ellis in Rush

Turns out right before he played the devil, Tom Ellis played Dr. William P. Rush in Rush. It was a show about a hard partying doctor who worked as a concierge doctor for the rich and famous in LA.


I know they established that Lucifer isn’t possessing anyone but would it be funny if it turned out that Lucifer possessed this guy when he came to LA.

There’s spoiler demons roaming down in the comments, beware!!

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