Welp, the weddings off but boy is Pierce is pissed, this won’t end well but hopefully it ends with Chloe finally learning the truth. Welcome to the Lucifer season 3 episode 23 “Quintessential Deckerstar” spoilerific reaction, where you can share your thoughts on the show as it plays out or after it’s done.

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  • Haven’t actually been including them until now but here’s the AV Club’s review for tonight’s episode:

Interesting Roles: Aimee Garcia as Jamie Batista from Dexter

Dexter was a TV show about a serial killer that worked as a CSI for the cops hunting him. Aimee Garcia played the younger sister of one of the detectives working with Dexter. She served as a nanny for Dexter’s son. Eventually she ended up in a relationship with another cop in in the department.


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