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Lucky, lucky, lucky ...

The second series of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man came to a close on Sky One the other week. The British superhero show is a fun romp that has James Nesbitt’s DI Harry Clayton gain a luck-themed power through a mystic Chinese bracelet. Except sometimes his good fortune means bad luck for somebody else.

Harry, Steve and Suri.

This latest batch of ten episodes opened with greater confidence and vigour. It closed up threads from the fist season quickly and introduced a new love interest/threat Isabella Augustine (Thekla Reuten) who has her own mystic bracelet. She is also better at manipulating the power than Harry.

Lady Luck. You know it isn’t going to end well.

The best episodes stand alone, often familiar stories with a wacky twist and occasionally a dollop of gross humour. And yes, I really liked the one about the pies! There are some delightfully choreographed sequences that border on slapstick but can be funny, dramatic and chilling. Not sure they top the bullets and bracelet scene from the first batch, but they make a good go of it.

Lucky Lee.

Stan even drops by for a couple of cameos (though one of them is signing comics in Forbidden Planet. I think it was Gosh! in season one).

Lucky, well not so much, Suri.

Amara Karan as DS Suri Chohan sparkles but needs something more definitive to build he character. She’s still in the dark about the bracelet but clocks that Isabella has matching jewelry. Darren Boyd’s DC Steve Orwell is still in the dog house but gets a touch of redemption.

Tempting Eve.

And the mysterious Eve Alexandri, played by Sienna Guillory, seems dissatisfied with her role as the person who can move the bracelets from one user to another. Her choice of wearer seems a bit dodgy as well.

This season hugs the big landmarks more than its predecessor. Harry’s station seems to be the northside of the Millennium Bridge, so he’s walking distance from the Tate and you get lots of handy shots of Tower Bridge, The Shard and Gerkin. No Cybermen invading St Paul’s though. Not sure if Harry and Co are Met or City of London coppers. They seem to to slip over the boundary very easily.

So season two still has Harry struggling with the seductive nature of the luck power. He even attempts to become more proactive rather than reactive. It’s a nice journey.


Except, I wish it had a different ending. Metro handily give it away in their list of reasons why seies three needs to happen. And I agree, it does. Though Mr Murdoch can be a fickle bugger.

I hope Harry Clayton returns for more. At its best Stan Lee’s Lucky Man is highly entertaining.


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