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Lucy: an absolutely fantastic short story/movie! *no spoilers*

So I just finishing watch this Luc Besson/ScarJo vehicle and i gotta say, I just thought it was a really good yarn in the vein of Stephen Baxter or Gregory Benford. I left the cinema with a big smile and that quiet satisfied feeling when you finish a good book.

I wasn't pumped with adrenaline, I didn't have a million questions i needed to run back to the internet to discuss and I certainly wasn't disappointed. i was just satisfied.


First off, I gotta say ScarJo totally rocks this movie. your mileage may vary but I can't think of any role where she's ever phoned it in and this movie is no different. She nails the character at every stage of this movie. Morgan Freeman, ever the dependable watch, does a LOT better job with this small role than he did with Transcendance.

To be frank, this movie does everything a million times better than Transcendance.

My earlier comparison to a short story, i feel, is apt. Its neat and tidy in a way that many movies can feel either bloated with cast, plot, stupidity or special FX. With a 1hr 30mins runtime, it moves along swiftly but never ever felt rushed.


It was just really nice to go watch a movie that was not only good, but also wasn't an 'experience'. I love blockbusters, i really do but until i sat down and watched this, i had forgotten what it was like to watch a movie at the cinema that wasn't an assault on your senses or your ability to discern the metaphors.

it was just nice.

I'm not going to comment on the science except to say that i didn't let it get in the way of anything. Hell, i've not even close to being qualified to comment on the science but I haven't missed some of the raised internet eyebrows pointed towards the trailer.


Its a McGuffin. *shrug* Its not the first, wont be the last.

But its an solid story and tied things up neatly. there are a couple of consequences that well, had implications (but I feel these were purposely left unaddressed not in the name of sequel but just out of simplicity) and a some really great bits/imagery that i wish i could discuss but would ruin the whole thing so hurry the hell up and watch it so i can get down and dirty with the spoilers!

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