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Luke Cage Spoiler Thread

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Now that’s been a week and people who are not bingers have had a chance to watch the show, now it’s time for some spoilerific discussion. If you still haven’t watched the show and want to discuss the show go here, otherwise shield your eyes because up first are my own spoilerific thoughts on the show and then the comments.


So I thought that this was the best of all the series that they have done so far. The majority of all the characters were great, with Luke Cage being very charismatic and entertaining protagonist to follow, Misty Knight was a very entertaining and smart supporting character as was her partner Rafael Scarfe and the chemistry the two had together, and Claire Temple actually got a substantial role for once. Cottonmouth was also another charismatic and entertaining character for the short time he was the main villain.

Harlem felt like a living and breathing place with all the detail that was put into it as were the specific locations like Pop’s Barbershop and Harlem’s Paradise nightclub.


The fight scenes were fun as Luke just went into them all as an invincible juggernaut who no sold everything that was thrown at him and returned the favor with barely any effort.

The soundtrack was also excellent and used well, from the club performances to “Bring the Ruckus” during Lukes siege in Episode 3 to everywhere else where it was used.


I did have some problems some problems though and they were related to things that happened in the second half of the show. Firstly think they should have killed off Scarfe off when they did as Misty didn’t really have anyone with the level of chemistry she had with him to interact with for the rest of the series. Likewise killing off Cottonmouth, while a great moment, was also a detriment to the second half of the series because none of the villains really felt like they were on the same level as he was. Diamondback was just a laughing maniac, Shades didn’t feel like anything other than a sidekick to the other villains, and Mariah didn’t really do anything major after killing Cottonmouth.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about the show, what about the rest of you?

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