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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Hi. If you have watched the 13 episodes of Luke Cage, or if you don’t care what happens in those 13 episodes, then this post is for you. If you have any concerns about spoilers stop looking at this post and go here instead for non-spoiler Luke Cage discussion.

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So some things happened. Some stuff occurred. And Luke Cage helped to build connections with the already-aired and to-be-aired sections of the Netflix Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU. This article exists mainly as a place for your comments on what you thought about Luke Cage.


And obviously this article is a partial copy-and-paste of the last one of these, because for some series no new news has occurred. So if things seem repetitive it’s because repetition is easy.

Quick listing of the connections

Firstly, Den of Geek! has compiled a huge list of these, so let me just link at them to acknowledge the work they’ve put together and to say that if you want a longer list, there’s your longer list.

The Incident, the main event of the film The Avengers, is referred to often, Iron Man and Captain America are name-checked, and references are made to Hulk, Thor, and the Chitauri. That this is the only incident in the feature film MCU that is mentioned is interesting; maybe all these Netflix shows are happening on a slower timeline than the films?

Claire Temple continues her trend of being the common character uniting the Defenders together. She makes a lot of references to knowing a lawyer, which is maybe a reference to Matt Murdock, if Matt is still practicing. Maybe it’s a reference to Foggy Nelson, who does not moonlight as a vigilante...


Jessica Jones is referred to on multiple occasions; she did recently shoot Luke...

Kilgrave, or rather his ability to control peoples’ minds, is referenced.

Trish Walker and Trish Talk make a ... hearing? ... they are heard on the radio; Trish is still taking calls from the public.


Turk Barrett appears in a few episodes, after his appearances in the first and second seasons of Daredevil.

Ben Donovan is hired by Mariah Dillard to represent Candace, so there’s only degree of separation between Dillard and Fisk. (Fisk is also mentioned on several occasions).


Blake Tower, the assistant district attorney, appears, unscatched (apparently) from his time investigating Frank Castle on Daredevil.

Frank Castle is also name-dropped; he did recently use a minigun on a NYC rooftop, that made an impression.


Seagate Prison is where Luke Cage was serving his prison sentence. As All Hail the King showed, this is also where Justin Hammer and Trevor Slattery are/were (respectively) serving time for their role in the events of Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3.

Hammer Industries and its weapon technology appear prominently; most if not all of the tech that Diamondback is dealing in appears to be Hammer tech. Apparently the company is still operating even though its CEO is incarcerated.


Colleen Wing is quickly name-checked in the Luke Cage finale, she teaches a self-defense and martial arts class, which makes sense because she does that, that’s a thing she does.

What has been scheduled

The next offering from the Marvel-ABC-Netflix trio is Iron Fist, which is still filming for an early 2017 release, although no more definite of a release date has been mentioned yet. edited 4th Oct: Iron Fist is now scheduled to release 17 March 2017.


What is in development for later release

The next intended project after Iron Fist is The Defenders, the team-up series combining the four heroes who have had their individual series. This is being developed for a planned late 2017 release.


The Punisher Season 1: This was announced to be in development, at some level, in April, so it will happen. edited a bit on the 3rd of Oct: Okay this might be sooner than I expected since filming might have already started. So maybe this is being put onto the fast track to be the early 2018 release?

Jessica Jones Season 2: a second season was ordered in January of this year so it’s in an early form of pre-production. It sounds like this is what the Netflix crew will be focused on after The Defenders so this might be an early 2018 release.


Daredevil Season 3: In July a third season was ordered so this show will continue. ... when is entirely unknown because there are a lot of properties to juggle. Expected release of late 2018?

Luke Cage Season 2?: Based on MCU Netflix’s trend of having a second season for heroes this will probably occur, but no announcement has been made yet (which is not surprising saying as how Netflix’s viewer numbers are still being generated)

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