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Lumpy Cthulhu Met A Weird Lobster At A Bar

Lumpy Cthulhu is back by popular (*bewildered look*) demand! And now you can follow him on Twitter @CthulhuProblems. Sometimes he even responds to people. He still has zany adventures and lots of problems. This time he meets a weird lobster at a bar, discovers what happens when you eat a weird man-shaped popsicle in the Atlantic, attends the Hugo Awards and begs Azathoth to maybe cool it with the politics.

I want to thank everyone for your support. I’m still amazed people think my silly little chubby Cthulhu doodles are funny. It’s amazing and you’re all fucking awesome.


“That poor shoggoth you put on his head is probably starving to death.”

“Can I borrow a Hugo too? I need something to pick their bones from my teeth.”


“Do you remember the CHAOS you caused with the blue/white dress incident?!”


“Found an interesting snack in the Atlantic today!”


“Don’t even get me started on the guy with the eyepatch...”

And now, quite possibly my favorite Lumpy Cthulhu I’ve ever drawn...


“You’re bad and you should feel bad.”

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