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Lunchtime Open Thread

Good afternoon, fellow Deckers. I see there hasn’t been an Open Thread in a while so I thought I would make one. Let’s discuss lunch and entertainment we’ve bailed on.

What are you having for lunch on this fine Tuesday? I will be having my usual fare, a sandwich, with some fruit and veggies, yogurt and a snack of some kind. Boring but filling.


Secondly, I see a lot of talk about the S6 finale of The Walking Dead. I stopped watching at the mid-season break of Season 4, right after the prison feel. I just never got back into it, it was a mix of bordeom and realizing the show was nothing but gore porn after Herschel was so brutally and pointlessly killed off. Looking back on where the show has gone, I feel that I made the right move. So the question for you all is this. Is there a movie/show/game franchise you started with, bailed out on early or midway through, and upon retrospective, are happy with that decision?

Of course you’re welcome to discuss anything else, that’s why it’s an Open Thread. Discuss away, my happy Internet friends. :)

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