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M. Night Has Written The Outline For Unbreakable 2

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This is a big FUCK. YES. Unbreakable is Shyamalan’s best movie. And with the ending of the movie being left open ended, there was always hope that part 2 would happen. Sooner or later. And it turned out to be way later.


From CBR:

Director M. Night Shyamalan has begun teasing his next film on Twitter, which some believe will become the long-rumored follow-up to his 2000 superhero rumination “Unbreakable.”

“I do intend on making a final ‘Unbreakable’ movie and I’m intending on doing it next,” Shyamalan told the media outlet in early January, going on to tease connections between the planned sequel and the recently release “Split.” “It’s the final movie of these two movies put together.”


Unbreakable is the story of David Dunn (Bruce Willis), a security guard at a university campus, on a train ride that derails and everybody onboard is killed. Except for David. This event is investigated by the mysterious Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson) and together they discover that David possesses super strength and near invulnerability. It is a story about two men and their becoming.

I have been waiting for this since I saw the first in the theater when originally released. As I walked out, people around me didn’t get it, didn’t understand what the movie was about. “What strange movie.” - was comment I heard several times in regards toward this movie because at the time super hero movies were not the common place they are today. People had no conception of this new genre. M. Night did.



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