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Mad About You: Scream Queens Mega Post

Let’s start right off with the best scene from the entire episode (ep. 4, Haunted House) for so many reasons. This particular scene could be dissected until next Tuesday with how much it says about so many things. All set to Belinda Carlisle’s Mad About You!


This show, which takes place in the here and now with a mystery dates back to 1995 yet it is certainly obsessed with 80s pop music.


Ok, this week we’re giffing it all over the place. But just the best gifs, mind you.

Chad Radwell & Hester

So, Chad Radwell was out for a walk in the local cemetary, like ya do, looking to scare up a date. Well, to “rub one out” when he found an attractive head stone. Who should he meet there? Hester aka Chanel #6. Seems she’s maybe the spookie kind of gal he’s been looking for his entire life.


Grace & Pete

*YAWN* These two. They seek out one of the KKT sisters that was there that fateful night in 1995. They learn the baby was a girl, not a boy like they had been assuming. Anyway. The only thing of interest was finding out more back story about the bath tub death of 1995. We learn more about the how and why Munsch helped cover it up.


I was going to post a gif of Grace and Pete, but nah. I don’t feel like it.

Zayday & Earl Grey

Zayday decides to run for president of KKT. Earl Grey gives an inspiring speech about how it is up to the two of them to save the image of fraternities and sororities or else white folk will make greek life go extinct in 10 years.


*sigh* Earl Grey is pretty dreamy.


Of course when Chanel finds out about Zayday’s plan she is totally A-OK with that.


Other Things

  • Zayday hosted a Haunted House Halloween party to raise money for Sickle Cell Anemia. Turns out the Wailing Lady used to live there. Two hours before the party, Chad and Hester sneak in to get their freak on. Turns out we found all those missing dead bodies!
  • Grace asked her Cool Lame Professor Dad if she is the bath tub baby. He rightly asks her if she’s on bath salts. I laughed so hard.
  • Denise Hemphill continues to think that Zayday is prime suspect. Turns out Denise Hemphill attempted to rush KKT back in 1988. It did not turn out well for Denise Hemphill.
  • Zayday was disappeared by one of the Red Devils!
  • Oh, and we found out GiGi was the Wailing Woman.

But it will all be alright, because Chanel has your back. If she’s not doing anything that day.


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