Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I could watch this forever, I really could. But let’s not veer off the subject (bans self). Let’s talk about mainpaging again.

So Monday I posted some guidelines that the io9 staff and I agreed to regarding mainpaged content.


Call to Post, Slow Your Roll Edition

I didn’t think about some of the other aspects of being mainpaged, though, such as whether or not you even want it to happen, and what to do if you DO, but are also leery of attracting all those nasty burners and trolls. Originally there was good discussion about the io9 staff providing advance notice prior to sharing content, but then that led to a email chain about how logistically complex that would be, and potentially confusing to those that aren’t MP’d very often. Instead, we agreed that we should use an opt-out system instead.

So, if you don’t want your stuff to be shared to io9 proper, tag your post with:


Again, that’s:



Is it silly? Sure, that’s why I laughed my ass off when Ruthless suggested it. But we’re sticking with it.


The other thing is, if you feel like trolls and burners are getting you down in an MP’d article and you’d really appreciate some community help, make a quick post with something like DeckSignal or whatever as the subject line and a link to the original post, with a request for some help in flagging bad comments. This isn’t meant for personal issues and feuds, though. We’ve never tolerated piling on and that will always apply.

Thanks for sticking around and keeping this place lively.

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