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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks


Maisie Williams Reveals Arya's Red Flags


Does anyone else ever catch themselves second-guessing their decision to post a spoiler warning? I just keep going back like "Yeah, they kinda hinted at the Hound having a fate (and we all know what that means in this show) and the scene with Brienne, but are those really spoilers?" Or is that just me?

Anyways, on Arya and Brienne's scene together:

There's actually a direction in the script in between their interaction about how they named their swords and learning how to fight. It says: "Arya smiles. She likes this weirdo. Brienne smiles. She likes this weirdo."


There's some great stuff about what Arya's thinking in all those big decisions from the finale, but my favorites are the "Think Fast" questions:

HBO: What happened to Hot Pie's wolf bread?

Maisie Williams: Pod ate it.

HBO: You're invited to a GOT wedding. Would you go?

Maisie Williams: Yes, but I'd take a sword and poison, just in case.

HBO: What would you name your sword?

Maisie Williams: Oops.


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