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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Make a $10 (Or More) Donation For A Chance To Hang Out With RDJ

Even though it will lower my chances if more people enter, I felt I should share this with my fellow MCU and RDJ fans. In support for Julia's House (a children's hospice), RDJ is offering a night for one winner and a friend with him.


You can donate through Omaze here, and get 10 entries for every dollar of donation. Smallest amount is $10, and it goes up to $50k (USD).


Donations of $25 include a digital thank you card from RDJ, and $100 and up include limited number prizes, some of which are already sold out. There's even one for a signed Iron Man helmet! ($2500) You can see all those from clicking the Enter To Win link, which leads you to this page, which also includes an FAQ covering questions like how much of the donation goes to the actual charity (80%), and if your payment is secure (https).

I'm not sure if this is open to residents outside the US, but the prize includes a flight out to LA if you're not local (hopefully at least a car ride if you are).


  • Arrive by motorcade and walk the red carpet with Robert Downey Jr. at the World Premiere of Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron.
  • Experience indoor skydiving, a helicopter ride around LA, a custom tux/gown fitting, and more.
  • Get flown to Los Angeles and stay in a 4-star hotel.

Here's the Youtube video from RDJ selling the night with himself (like it wouldn't sell itself).

Good luck, should you choose to enter.

ETA: there is a way to enter for a chance to win without donating (noted at the bottom of the site), but would you really want to tell RDJ face to face that you didn't even donate?

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