Thanks to your positive responses, I'll be blogging the process that goes into creating a costume for Comic-Con. I'm making the She-Ra villain Shadow Weaver. Feel free to ask any questions. The first step is research and planning.

I really wanted to do a She-Ra costume this year. I kind of wanted to do Catra, but I don't have the thighs or muscle tone for it. A big part of choosing a costume is playing to what looks good with your body type. I've got the curves for Shadow Weaver, and I don't have to worry about makeup, so why not? I can do the voice, too. haha

Finding reference material has become much easier since the advent of Google Images, but it's easiest when I have an action figure as a 3D model. I also research past cosplay of the character so I can see what worked for people and what didn't.


I don't have any formal training, so unlike some costumers who are able to make their own patterns or eyeball it using a dress form, I use a commercial pattern as a base and make modifications. I'll be using Simplicity 9891.

I'm making the neckline higher and sleeves shorter. Shadow Weaver's raggedy sleeves look more like a shawl or a cape with arm pockets, so I'm making it a separate piece that attaches at the shoulders. Like so:


Here are my sketches for the shawl and hood:


I did some research into burqa and niqab for the basic look. The hood will go over a black zentai mask with yellow lenses over the eyes (like Spiderman).

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