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Making a Costume: Pt. 5

I think the above video accurately depicts the costume-making process. Making Shadow Weaver from She-Ra ended up taking more time than I expected, but I finally finished last night! I'm so glad it's done. I hate having to work on a costume during the con. That equals no sleep.


Ugh! Shadow Weaver hates not making deadlines!

Here's what I had to finish up:

The pointed hood kept slipping back because of the weight of the wire in it, so I sewed a cheap plastic dollar store headband into it.

Here's the draft of the shawl/cape thingie. To keep it from slipping off my shoulders, I ended up building the guts of a bolero jacket into the front side. It works like a charm!


Turning all those points and divets without stretching or bunching the fabric was pretty tough, but I managed it. I ended up reinforcing the shape and fusing the fabric layers using Stitch Witchery. That stuff is amazing. It's a double-sided, heat-fusible tape. I've seen someone who didn't know how to sew use it to make their costume and go on to win a major award.



So here's the finished costume. Thanks to everyone who followed me in this process. I hope it was interesting. I'll post pics of me actually wearing it after the Con. I plan on wearing it on Friday, so if you see me, please stop by and say hello.

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