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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Do you like Manhattan, the second original scripted show from WGNA (following on the heels of Salem)? I like Manhattan. I actually like it quit a lot. I like it much more than Salem.


I mean it still has some issues, but we're only 4 episodes into the 13 episode season so I'm hoping the writers iron out any kinks I feel are keeping the show from being really good.

So on to a kitchen sinks worth of random thoughts, lists, and commentary!

Ranked, Characters on Manhattan

  1. Liza Winter. Dr. Liza Winter, brilliant badass botanist...oh, and Frank's wife/Callie's mother, which are the two least interesting things about her.
  2. Helen Prins, the only female scientist working on the project and the only other PhD in Franks group (Frank has a PhD).
  3. Sid Liao, was interesting and his story line could have gone in some cool directions. He was killed in the second episode to become emotional fodder for two other characters' storylines. I hope he comes back as a ghost and haunts the shit out of them.
  4. Glen Babbit, is a voice of reason and sanity compared to everyone else playing science politics.
  5. Callie Winter, gets high while watching a baby and tries to sneak off base by hiding in a truck.
  6. Paul Crosely, he's British.
  7. Abby Isaac, wife of Charlie and one of the POV characters that show how different life on the base is from life in the outside world. I'm ambivalent towards her character.
  8. Louis "Fritz" Fedowitz & Jim Meeks, have made no real impression yet.
  9. Col. Alden Cox, Reed Ackley, and J. Robert Oppenheimer, the antagonists to Franks protagonist. They > Frank Winter.
  10. Frank Winter, Don Draper clone, now with added science! We've been down the Don Draper road on another show. Also, you DO NOT cheat on Liza. I dislike him. I'm also not the only one who feels this way.
  11. Being hit by an atomic powered car.
  12. Charlie Isaacs, wunderkind physcists and general douche noodle.

Now, Some Random Pictures

Goggles = Googly Eyes. These People are Making Googly Eyes at You!

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Boardwalk That You Can Neither Be Under Nor Has an Empire.

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Doing Science (also, BOTH of you GO AWAY)

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AWESOME! Just Make the Show About HER!!!

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Random Speculation Time (aka What Keeps Me Up at Night)

  • Dr. (Liza) Winters will begin researching what is making the flowers around the base turn weird colors. Figures out it is from radiation leaking into the environment. Leads a one-woman crusade to contain the radiation threat. Kicks Frank out for cheating, gets a divorce, leaves the base, and becomes a professor at Yale.
  • Helen Prins takes over Franks 'shop' when Frank goes missing.
  • Abby and Beetle Bailey (otherwise known as PFC Dunlavy) sneak off the base and elope in Las Vegas. Abby begins a successful career selling tupperware while Beetle becomes a black jack dealer at a casino.
  • Crosley and the MP that he was arguing with in episode 4 begin their illicit gay affair because we can see that plot line coming a mile away.
  • Frank goes on an epic bender after Liza leaves him, does even more questionable stuff, and Col. Cox throws him in a deep dark pit until the war is over.
  • Charlie continues his downward spiral caused by hubris until he is removed from the all things related to the project. He is put in charge of overseeing the office supply stock room for the duration of the war.
  • Abby becomes so good at her job as phone monitor on the base that she is recruited by the SSR and becomes a top-notch radio transmissions analyst.

Happy, Happy Question Time!

What the hell does the (A) in MANH(A)TTAN actually mean? Atomic? Because we already have Nuclear. Family. as the tag line. Is it just stylized? Or is this an actual symbol in the scientific community?

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