The Star Wars article about worldbuilding on the front page had a bit of a great discussion going. One user suggested the Qui-Gon vs. Darth Maul Lightsaber (or sabre depending on which English you speak) fight was the best of any in all 6 movies. I'm not here to debate the quality of the fight.

I am however here to rant about the "stage" "location" of the fight. Doesn't ANYONE believe in hand railings? Why must there always be a massive infinite pit to fall into? I've never thought oh my this fight is so much better because he could fall off that ledge. The number of fight scenes that include something to fall off of just to manufacture extra drama, baffles me. Think of the first Star Trek reboot. The scene at the end of the movie on the star ship that Kirk is fighting the chief bad guy and hanging on to the edge... none of these places make logical sense to even exist. In a sci-fi world I would expect to see less of this not more!

Some of my favorite Sci-Fi fight scenes don't have this element. Pretty much any fight on a star ship against the Borg. For the most part Luke vs. Vader I and II. At least in I the drop off makes sense... they're in a floating city FFS. The reactor pit is a bit contrived and annoying though.