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Mara is the smartest person in the room on Haven

The only other person in the room is Duke so it's not much of a contest. This week's episode "Morbidity" also has the people of Haven trying to keep their Troubles secret from Doctor Cross. And there were those bears. Spoilers ahead.

"Tanks are rolling in."


Dr. Cross comes to Haven for the anomalous results of Dave's injury and stays for the lobster (and a hunk of beef named Dwight). Unfortunately a couple of things come up. After the absolutely not-creepy dancing bears start appearing people start going to the hospital with a mystery illness. All the affected people are Troubled and the illness is triggering their Troubles.

From her point of view she sees an outbreak of illness that the locals are actively downplaying and hiding from her. One patient is dead, apparently murdered by a gas embolism. Then she finds a large number of victims stashed in the morgue, including one hidden in a cadaver drawer. It's completely understandable when Dr. Cross threatens to quarantine the town. But she is thwarted for the moment.

"I'm the candy. She's the wrapper."


Mara takes advantage of the current crisis to manipulate Duke. She tried mindgames with Nathan but his obsessive love for Audrey helped him resist. Duke is a different story.

She correctly predicts what Dwight, who is effectively running the town, will do to control things and points out that she and Duke are the ones in the most danger since they are each unique. Now thanks to Dwight's tasing Duke is ready to along with Mara.


Mara's mask of calm reason slips when she talks to Audrey, though. She can't resist the urge to taunt "Audrey husk" and snap at her. Mara considers Audrey, Lucy and the other personas as just empty husks. She really hated her time stuck under those other personas and Audrey is the target of all that built up rage.

Does Audrey need a bit of Mara? Was she (and the other personas) able to unconsciously draw upon Mara's knowledge to help deal with Troubles? Like all good tricksters Mara uses truth in her deceptions so does she have a point about Audrey missing something without Mara? Immunity from the Troubles would be nice too.


"Not a SEAL 'cause you're not a jerk."


Like I wrote above, Dwight is running things in Haven. Who is the mayor and where is he? While Dwight showed some restraint during the hunt for Mara now Dwight looks ready to protect the town by any means necessary. Well, short of hurting his new lady friend anyway.

  • The Troubled may have a genetic predisposition to be Troubled.

Jason Priestley phoning it in.


Serious nightmare fuel.

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