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Mara plays Hannibal Lecter on Haven

There is a lot going on in this week's episode of Haven. Mara and Duke engage in some quid pro quo, the Teagues brothers try to protect Haven and there's still that Trouble to resolve. Spoilers ahead.

Resolving the Trouble


The victims of the current Trouble aren't ghosts but the effect is similar to a haunting. Who you gonna call? Darkside Seekers! Seth Byrne is back to help Audrey with the Trouble. Meanwhile Audrey uses her loss of immunity to the Troubles to help her resolve this one.

It was no surprise that the photographer was Troubled or that her fiance was the ghost killer. Once Amy and Morgan reunite she realizes how much he has changed from the man she loved and the Trouble goes away.

Unfortunately it looks like Audrey is just plain Parker without Mara's memories (other than when she and Mara were cohabiting the same body).

"Tell me a story"


Mara is a much better character when she dials back the "I'm going to kill all of you" mustache twirling. She's still locked up on Duke's boat but won't help Duke without something in return. So over a bottle of bourbon he talks about the screaming of the lambs his mother. She holds up her end of the deal with some useful information about the Trouble.

Mara is most likely playing Duke but she may have a point about why she's still around. With Jennifer dead Duke may be working through feelings for Audrey. Mara has generally been less nasty to Duke than Nathan and it may have paid off.


Vince and Dave back in action


Dave is still in the hospital of Not-Haven where a local doctor takes a tissue sample of Dave's injury from the other dimension. Worried what the sample will show Dave decides to run away while Vince tries to steal the sample. He;s caught but Dave shows up and bluffs his way through getting Vince released and getting the tissue sample. So the brothers return to Haven thinking they've covered their tracks.

But they're not as clever as they think. I'm sure Dave filled out some forms at the Not-Haven hospital so there's an address listed somewhere.


And now there's a new face in town. Look out, Doctor Cross! Haven can be a dangerous place for women.


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