Marc Maron, along with Howard Stern, is probably one of the best celebrity interviewers alive. Marc specializes in interviews with comics and he has a gift for penetrating into the psyches of his subjects, often revealing the dark, lonely places that inform our most famous and beloved jesters. As Williams aged, the manic persona we were so accustomed to had mellowed substantially, or maybe he was just more comfortable showing that side of himself. Maybe "mellowed" is the wrong word. Maybe he found a way to become more personal, to try to vent all the shit that was vexing him. In any case, I love listening to him like this. He has the same rhythm but when it is quieter it runs much deeper โ€” this was a very thoughtful man. I love him in these moments when he is not out to entertain but just engaged in honest conversation. These past few days, I realize I loved the guy far more than I ever knew.