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March Madness Coolest Spaceships Winner: Millennium Falcon

We started out with 64 of the coolest spaceships to grace science fiction. There were upsets, overwhelming victories, and many tears. But we have our winner. The coolest fictional spaceship of all time is the Millennium Falcon.

The fight between the TARDIS and the Millennium Falcon came down to the last moment. The final tally was TARDIS - 72 and Millennium Falcon - 73. Just a single vote separated these two contenders, and that final vote was cast less than 20 minutes before the polls closed.


So there we have it. The Millennium Falcon is officially the coolest spaceship of all time. Congrats to everyone on #TeamFalcon. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks for participating.

Completed bracket. Click to embiggen. It’s quite lovely.

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