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Martian Megathread

No, not that Martian. The other one. The one everybody wants to come back to Earth. This will be your place to discuss The Martian. Of course, spoilers will abound.

WinnieTheWoot and I went this afternoon and really enjoyed it. Overall we felt that they did a good job of translating the book into a movie. We weren’t upset at the things that had to get cut for time purposes but we did have a couple complaints about other changes.


I understand that making soil from martian dirt and shit is a long tedious process that wouldn’t play well on screen but simplifying it like they did in the movie was a real disservice to the hard science fiction source material.

The other thing that didn’t work was having Lewis decide to do the EVA at the end to catch Mark. It was completely out of character for her to ignore protocol and training and not have the EVA specialist do the job he was trained for.

Other than that, great movie, great cast. Hard to believe it was directed by the same guy who directed the idiot scientists in Prometheus.


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