His name is The Doctor, and he is afraid! 2 weeks from the start of his adventures with the Twice Dead Girl, let's have another peek at what's in store for The Doctor and Clara...

So, what's new in this clip? We get a brief glimpse of our new Ice Warriors who show up in Mark Gatiss' Episode 3, Cold War, a submarine-set base under siege story which also stars Liam Cunningham and David Warner. Wouldn't want one of these burly dudes charging down a dark, tight corridor at me:

And then a few new snippets from Neil Gaiman's penultimate Episode 7, The Last Cyberman, including Warwick Davis' character Porridge, and a decent look at the sinister new faces of our Mondasian friends:

There's then a quick appearance by this mummy-looking fella - who we earlier saw terrorising Clara in the Christmas special trailer - from Neil Cross' Episode 2, currently titled The Rings of Akhaten. Is this the titular Akhaten himself?


And a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance by The Doctor's favourite Sanctuary Base 6 space suit! Never underestimate the Doctor Who crew's ability to reuse props and costumes - so far this spacesuit has popped up in The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit, was repainted for use in 42, and most recently showed up in The Waters of Mars. Now the Eleventh Doctor's got his mitts on it - perhaps he finds it during Episode 5, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, penned by Sherlock's Steven Thompson:


Finally, we end on this creepy bone-laden forest, with The Doctor narrating his fears over it... it looks like the spooky setting for Neil Gaiman's episode (we see Clara, some soldiers, and Porridge traipsing through a similar looking forest earlier in the post-Christmas special trailer), but considering The Doctor's distress - he's lost his bow tie! - maybe it's from Steven Moffat's Series Finale:

But what's The Doctor so afraid of? Is it the new Cybermen? Just what was that creature sneaking up behind him? Could this be the Fields of Trenzalore? Is it the answer to Clara's mystery? Is it a sign of what's to come in the 50th Anniversary special? I guess we'll find out this Easter Saturday!


Doctor Who returns with The Bells of Saint John on March 30th on BBC 1 and BBC 1 HD (With a current provisional timeslot of 18:10), and March 30th on BBC America at 8.00 pm ET/PT.

UPDATE: Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive BBC America trailer up too! There's not as much new glimpses in it, but there's some nice little narration from The Doctor about the mystery of Clara Oswald. You can check it out here.