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Marvel Announces Tom Scioli's Fantastic Four: Grand Design

Illustration for article titled Marvel Announces Tom Sciolis iFantastic Four: Grand Design/i
Illustration: Tom Scioli, the cover to Fantastic Four: Grand Design #1

A few years ago, Marvel announced that Ed Piskor would be writing and illustrating an condensed version of the complete history of the X-Men, called X-Men: Grand Design. Every two oversized issues would look at a different era of the X-Men’s history, concluding this year with X-Men: Grand Design: X-Tinction. And now, Marvel has announced a new project to do the same with the history of the Fantastic Four, this time written and illustrated by Tom Scioli (Transformers vs GI Joe, Gobots).


Tom Scioli is known for his very cartoonish, Silver Age-style of illustrating, combining that with more violent aspects of comics, to create kind of deconstructive/reconstructive comics. His style is also very, very similar to Jack Kirby’s, which pretty much makes him perfect for doing a Silver Age Fantastic Four book.

As an artist known for his love of Jack Kirby, Scioli seems like the perfect choice to give the Fantastic Four the Grand Design treatment. “Fantastic Four is like the Magna Carta of Marvel, this founding document, so being allowed to get my hands on it is thrilling,” Scioli says. “They’ve given me a tremendous amount of creative freedom to just go for it.”


Scioli’s issues will also feature other characters that first appeared in Fantastic Four, like Doctor Doom, Black Panther, and the Inhumans.

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