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We're another month into things since Marvel took over the license for Star Wars comics and I'd like to revisit my previous reviews and update them now that each series has more than one issue.


Star Wars #3 was another let down for me. It was a lot more art and not a lot of story. If possible the series has gone downhill from the first issue. I'll continue to follow it because I expect to see bits and pieces of it pulled into the other comics, novels, and media, but it has a very Agents of SHIELD feel to the start. I hope they're building up to something better, but I'm unsure of it.

Darth Vader #3 helped me remember what I loved so much about the previous expanded universe. New characters. That might be why my review of the Princess Leia series was so strong. In Darth Vader #3 we're introduced to three new characters. Another strong female character and two droids. BT-1 and Triple Zero. Triple Zero has a very HK-47 feel to it so meatbags beware. The drawback to this chapter was again some confusing art. I'm still not sure how or what Vader did to activate Triple Zero. Is it implying that Vader created the droid in the first place? Either way I'm glad the next issue is out on April 8. I can't wait.

Princess Leia #2 picked up where it left off. Fast paced and interesting. The last panels of the chapter were TV quality cliff hanger material. I'm very sad this series is just 5 books. Like the Darth Vader series though I feel this one is strongly supported by the addition of another new character.

Coming up this week is Kanaan: The Last Padawan. The new ongoing series featuring the star of Star Wars Rebels as a Padawan. It takes place during a time period I haven't been a big fan of so my judgement on that series will be clouded going into it. Still I've been a huge fan of Rebels thus far and can't wait to hear the story of Caleb Duume. (his actual name before changing it to hide from the empire)

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