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Bleeding Cool is reporting that comic retailers order for next month's Inhuman #8 will ship double the print order. It will not costs the comic retailers any more money for these additional copies. Comic retailers will just pay the amount for their regular order size.

In addition to this, Inhuman #7 will be reprinted.

Earlier in the week, Marvel announced that the Inhumans would be getting the Marvel Cinematic Universe treatment with a movie release date of November 2, 2018.


That is 4 years from tomorrow. Four years with 9 other films coming before it.

Could Marvel be counting on the hype from Tuesday's movie news giving a bump in sales to the comic by curious readers? If so, then why not a similar scenario for Captain Marvel? Or solo book launches for Dr. Strange and Black Panther? They all have films coming out before the Inhumans' movie.

Even if it is stated explicitly in Avengers: Age of Ultron that the Wanda (Scarlet Witch) and Pietro (Quicksilver) are Inhuman in order to get around Marvel not being able to call them mutants, that film's release is still 6 months away.

There has been speculation for a while that the Inhumans, as race of beings in the MCU, might debut on the small screen related to Skye's o84 status, the (half of a) blue guy in a tube at the TAHITI project, weird alien symbols/math/maps, and the Obelisk/Diviner McGuffin.*


Could this be a hint of things to come in the very near future within the MCU, perhaps on Agents of Shield? Maybe we'll get some backstory in the upcoming Inhuman #8 that reveals information about the MCU's past or the Obelisk/Diviner?


Or maybe it is a bait and switch on Marvel's part to drum up sales for the Inhuman comic?

What say you?

*This doesn't necessarily mean that the alternate fan theory of Skye being Quake and the Doctor being Mr. Hyde is incorrect or null. Having the Quake and Mr. Hyde characters be Inhuman would be help get around the fact that Quake is actually a mutant in the comics.

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