Deadline is reporting that actress Simone Missick has been cast in Marvel’s Luke Cage as “Missy,” described as a woman with a strong sense of justice. That certainly sounds like she’s actually playing Misty Knight, former NYPD cop and hero for hire.

This announcement comes after previous casting reports of Alfre Woodard, Theo Rossi, and Rosario Dawson, who will be reprising her role as Claire Temple (who is, after all, Luke Cage’s ex-girlfriend).

And it makes sense that Misty Knight would be a part of Luke Cage — both her and her partner-in-crime Colleen Wing have a long history with both Luke Cage and his partner-in-crime Danny “Iron Fist” Rand. Misty and Danny were even engaged for a while, before events in the comic forced them apart. Misty was also a member of the Fearless Defenders, an all-female Defenders team that lasted for twelve issues (and was awesome). She last appeared in Secret Wars: Secret Love #1, in a super-cute and awesome story called “Misty and Danny Forever.” You should read it.

Simone Missick doesn’t have a long acting history, but she did have a pretty good role in Ray Donovan.