We’ve had a couple weeks of Secret Wars comics come out but so far I haven’t seen any discussions, so I thought I’d make a post with my takes of the titles I’ve read so far and hope all you readers can fill me in on what I’ve missed. Spoilers ahoy.

So, to catch people up that are unfamiliar, the Marvel universes are dead. They all mashed into one another and everyone died, save for a few heroes (like Reed Richards and Captain Marval) and a few villains (evil Reed Richards from the Ultimate universe and Thanos). The good news is that 616 Doom created a new world for everyone, and either recreated or resurrected a lot of the characters that were lost. This world is called Battle World, and none of its citizens (save for Doom and the few survivors) have any memory of the worlds that came before. In Battle World, Doom is the God/emperor, and he controls many different territories. Most of Secret Wars comics happen within the different territories Doom created, though some seem to span several territories. Each territory is controlled by a baron or baroness that Doom has placed, and beyond a few basic rules these barons are allowed to rule as they please. The few rules that have been enforced are 1) don’t travel between territories without permission, and 2) don’t plot against Doom. There are a small army of Thors that enforce the laws of Doom. Crazy, right? Pretty damn cool though. Anyway, on with the new comics.


In this comic, She-Hulk is baroness over an island that has a much higher female population and an all female defense force. Fan favorites Nico Minuro and America Chavez are both parts of She-Hulk’s team and raised by (female) Loki. The comic starts looking like a Mediterranean utopian society, but a huge shark appears in the waters near shore. After an intense but short fight, America grabs the shark and throws it out of the city, bouncing it off the Wall and straight into the next territory (an area controlled by zombies and Ultron robots). Doom is upset about the damage to the wall and the breaking of his rules, so he says America is to serve the rest of her life in defense of the Wall (think Night’s Watch from Game of Thrones). She-Hulk protests the decision but the ruling is ultimately final, and America Chavez is banished. She-Hulk’s authority is immediately challenged by the women that think she didn’t try hard enough to save America, and we see the utopia of a matriarchal society starting to crack already. She-Hulk might be baroness right now, but she also has alphas like Captain Marvel, Medusa, Loki, and Nico, all questioning her leadership. This one I am totally still following.


Planet Hulk

This is sort of a deceptive title because it doesn’t have anything to do with the popular Planet Hulk storyline. Steve Rogers and Devil Dinosaur start as gladiators in a territory ruled by Arcade, the same amazing asshole from Avengers Arena. After killing everyone, Arcade arrives to give an award to Steve but Devil Dinosaur bites both of them safely into his mouth so Steve can ask Arcade where Bucky is. Arcade bests Steve and Cap has to go in front of Doom for judgement. Fortunately, Doom has a mission for Captain America. In the Greenlands, a territory that is full of gamma and hulks, Doom needs someone to destabilize the place and assassinate its ruler. In a gift of the magi type situation, the last man sent on this mission was Bucky, who agreed to it in order to spare Steve’s life. Steve, of course, agrees to the mission because he’s hoping he can find Bucky alive. I’m not the only one that gets the strong impression that Steve Rogers and Bucky are lovers in this comic.



This territory is a futuristic area where the Avengers are a new corporate sponsored team. Besides Hercules, they seem to be all new characters. Cap is a mother that believes she is an office drone when not donning your uniform. Hawkeye is a bird/man hybrid. Iron Man is a little person in a big suit. Vision floats in a Minority Report style pre-crime hot tub. Black Widow has 8 cyper eyes when suited up as well as stingers in her armor. They introduce the characters and fight some goons, and that’s kind of it. The art and action is rad, but as far as story im giving it one more chance before dropping it.


Old Man Logan

This was one of my favorite “What Ifs” and it starts off right where the last issue leaves off. It takes place in a dystopian future world where all the villains of the Marvel universe have won and all the heroes are long dead. Logan is taking out a group of goons dressed as Daredevil and he is pissed that they don’t even understand what the legacy of the uniform means. The daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones is helping him raise Bruce Banner Jr. Most of the comic is setting up what sort of bleak world he exists in (which is very effective) but at the end of the comic he decides to scale the wall to see where an Ultron head came from (which we know is a bad idea based on previous knowledge. Doom sends people over the Wall as a death sentence). I’ll be bummed if Logan moves out of the world of Old Man Logan for good, because it has some of the best art and atmosphere out of all of the Secret Wars comics, but I want to see where it goes.


Inhumans: Attilan Rising

This is our first look at a team fighting against Doom and the Thor Corps. Everyone else seems kind of satisfied with the new situation, but we see in this title a bad ass prohibition age Ghost Rider and some young Inhumans fighting against the word of Doom. Doom, in turn, requests Baroness Medusa of New Attilan, squash the rebels in order to keep her leadership role over her territory. Medusa turns to one of her best agents, Auran (who was killed way too early from when she was introduced, but hopefully getting a good shake now as a super spy) to track down the rebels, who use a bar called the Quiet Room, with Black Bolt as the bartender. Matt Murdock is also a musician there, as well as Star-Lord being a singer. I’m very excited about the Inhumans, so I’ll be reading this one too.



In this territory, Limbo spewed demons into Manhattan four years ago and the demons won, stealing Magick back into their world (I have a soft spot for Magick because I feel she is a criminally under utilized mutant). Magick’s brother Colossus works as a cop under Baron Scott Summers, and in return Colossus gets to launch an attack once per year to try to bring his sister back. We find out soon that Magick is queen of Limbo now, so this seems like an impossible feat. Scott Summers, after getting crippled in the assault the year before, is reluctant to keep this tradition. Scott says that Colossus has only this last chance to bring his sister back, and then never again. Colossus brings his girlfriend Domino, Boom Boom, and Nightcrawler, and jumps into hell to find his sister. I was 100% behind this comic until I learned Magick was in her demon form in charge of hell, and then I didn’t know where they would go with it. I mean, the premise is still interesting but I don’t see a happy ending in the future. I’ll try this comic for another issue


So what do you guys think of these titles? What do you think about the titles im not reading right now? I feel like we should team together to discuss what is hot and what is lame in the current Secret Wars titles.