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Marvels weirdest villains need to be in the movies!

Okay, so the Marvel Cinematic Universe has Norse gods, gamma-irradiated monstrosities and people who can survive being frozen in ice for decades. We've established the impossible is possible - now let's bring on the weird.

MODOK and Arnim Zola are hardly unknown quantities by this point- MODOK has appeared in several games and cartoons and Zola's human body appeared in the Captain America movie. Now to get their goofy looks properly into the MU.


Sometimes it takes the absurd to take heroes down a peg. With that in mind, here are some of Marvel's strangest bad guys (and girls)!

Ruby Thursday

One of the greatest evil geniuses in the Marvel Universe. And she replaced her head with a small, ball-shaped computer - because SCIENCE!


That head-ball-thingy can actually do anything she needs it to: morph into wings, sprout random tentacles, hack into the world's highest-security computer systems.

One might ask, if she's so smart, why does she look like that? Maybe she doesn't know what she looks like.


By the way, she's just one of a team of... we'll say interesting-looking... villains, called the Headmen. (Seriously, check them out.)

Potential Appearance: With the Defenders getting their own mini-series on Netflix, it seems natural to have their perennial enemies face them in battle.


Dr. Bong

Another mad genius, though calling him "evil" may be something of a stretch.

Dr. Bong has run afoul of Howard the Duck more than once, and is Deadpool's official psychologist. He's a master of journalism, psychology, acoustics, quantum mechanics and bioengineering, and he dedicates himself to the goal of - well, of whatever seemed to bother him that week.


Despite his indecisiveness, Bong can use his uncanny tintinnabulatory skills to do anything from controlling minds to opening up pocket dimensions. Plus, he has a pet sea serpent wearing a top hat.

Potential Appearance: It might be too much to hope Marvel makes another go at making a Howard the Duck movie. The original is an under-appreciated classic (once you ignore the duck nudity), and the time is right for a talking duck to join a talking raccoon in the Marvel CU.


Lady Stilt-Man

Sure, the original is easy enough to make fun of, but the fact that there's a female version, and she calls herself "Lady Stilt-Man"? Priceless.


Thanks to her high-tech suit, she can easily be a "second story man" (who happens to be a woman), robbing upper floor targets, and punch superheroes from dozens of feet away. Okay, that doesn't sound all that intimidating, but manyof the Stilt-Man armors have been made of Adamantium, so she could have that going for her.

Potential Appearance: Hey, Netflix again! Daredevil - the long-time nemesis of all Stilt-people - is getting his own series. Bring on Lady Stilt-Man!


The Orb

The Orb is an evil biker with a giant eyeball for a head. What more need said?

Potential Appearance: Other than a badass visual (and occasionally being a demon from Hell), the Orb is usually a street-level thug who travels cross country with a motorcycle gang. Seems like perfect fodder for the glob-trotting everyman heroes of SHIELD.



Speaking of... this guy seems like a pushover, but he's responsible for dozens of dead superheroes. This self-proclaimed cultural zeitgeist has made it his mission to prove the American dream is a lie and kill anyone who espouses it.


Potential Appearance: This Captain America villain would be a natural to fight him on the screen, and heck, it would be a great excuse to have minor superhero cameos.


Ego the Living Planet

This is a planet that is willing to pick a fight with anyone. How cool is that?!

Potential Appearance: Ego has battled Thor on numerous occasions, and honestly, there's only so many times audiences are going to be interested in Thor fighting trolls and elves in the Nine Realms. Time for a space fight!



One of the very first villains Iron Man ever fought was a giant, robot caveman (with mind-control powers) made by aliens.


Go ahead, read that again.

Potential Appearance: You know you want to see Iron Man fighting a giant, robotic caveman.


The Harpy

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the Hulk's wife. Yes, she is now better known as Red She-Hulk, but hey, she used to be able to fly and had the lower body of a chicken.


At the time, Betty Ross had been gamma-mutated and mentally programmed to hate the Hulk - so she beat the snot out of him.

Potential Appearance: If and when they make another Hulk movie, they need to make it a fun Hulk movie. None of this moping-around-for-three-hours mullarkey. Why not bring on a goofy (yet emotionally significant) villain?


Armless Tiger Man

This German-born Luddite hated technology so much after factory machines accidentally ripped off his arms that he used nothing but his feet and teeth to rip apart every piece of machinery he could find in the Third Reich. So what did the Nazis do with him? They sent him into other countries so he could blow up their technology.


In the 40s he fought Marvel's Batman-who-dressed-like-Superman, the Angel, on several occasions, and he fought Captain America and the Black Panther of World War II before being killed - but that didn't stop him. In death, he temporarily served Pluto in Hades before going crazy again and trying to kill the god of death himself!

Potential Appearance: Honestly? Who knows and who cares - as long as they put this guy in somewhere. He's too freaky cool to ignore!

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