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Matt Smith's had quite a transformation for Ryan Gosling's new movie!

Bloomin' eck. Set pictures from How to Catch a Monster have revealed a... radical new look for the 11th Doctor.

Seriously, it's a bit of a shock. Ready? Okay then:


Told you so. The hair! All that wonderful hair of The Doctor's has been mercilessly lopped off in favour of a (dare we say Ninth Doctor-esque?) buzzcut - one so close that you can see a massive scar from a childhood head injury.

The pictures, from Buzzfeed, could cast some intriguing doubts about The actor's return to Doctor Who later this year - filming of the Christmas special, and possibly Series 8, is due to begin around August/September time. Could he possibly grow the 11th Doctor's luscious locks back in time? Or perhaps this is a sign of River's fabled 'New haircut and a suit' line from Forest of the Dead?

Either way, let's all take a moment to mourn the loss of a pretty fantastic head of hair.

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