OK, you made me chuckle when Jean Grey remarks on Return of the Jedi that 3rd movies are always the worst.... until I remembered that the third movie you’re obviously referring to was made by someone else. Not a very cool move. Also, technically Apocalypse is movie #3 in the new series... I only hope Singer was aware of that bit of irony, that’s the only thing that could make that remark funny again.

Alright.... Realistically, Apocalypse is probably not the best Superhero movie coming out this year. I’m willing to concede that Civil War is better written and a bit more profound. It also manages to bring the big cast and intertwining plotlines together much better. Apocalypse suffers a little bit from one of the problems Batman v Superman suffered from, too - it is trying to stuff too many things into a 2hour box. Bringing back continuities from First Class and DoFP, hinting at the original trilogy and the new ways those things could play out now, bringing in characters that serve no real purpose (yet?) other than being recognisable - Hi, Jubilee, whose name I never hear in this film - and then of course - Wolverine.

Surprisingly accurate depiction of Wolverine in this movie.......

Don’t get me wrong, that was - really cool. And apparently really necessary - for another movie. As the post credits scene indicates. (It’s one of the boring ones, unfortunately - important, but only accessible for insiders. I kinda knew what it was about but I still had to google for specifics.)


We get a - sinister briefcase after the credits...

Oh - and besides all of that, Poe Dameron Apocalypse tries to conquer the world...... That’s - a lot of plot. I’d say, if you don’t know at least the latest two - don’t even try understanding this one... (Knowing the original trilogy really helps, too. Despite that time line obviously being erased for good. I’m pretty sure I saw Rogue in the background of the school..... But other things... make sense in all timelines.) So the big showdown almost seems.... a little disconnected from all the personal shit of the Mutants. and the big bad and two of his horsemen like the 5th wheel....


But - and here’s the big but. I loved the X-Men films to death. Even X3, huge flaws ore not. The XMen series was and still is my favorite Superhero Series of the modern era.

And when you go in with that mindset - this one is really good. Because while having that one flaw of BvS it has none of the others. It’s fun. It’s bright. It has likeable characters that you love to see again, in the same variation you know or in new interpretations based on the original films. It’s a fun ride. And what is sure hard to digest when you don’t like the film that much is becoming like a room overstuffed with things you love to look at.

I’m so glad that the Avengers Quicksilver died and not the X-Men one. That guy is amazing. He gets another of the perfect scenes like the one from DoFp. Plus he gets to kick some serious ass this time. Apocalyptic ass.


Storm is back and she has a Mohawk!

Jean Grey is - being Jean Grey. And...... she‘s also somebody else..... ;)

Come on, you know there aren’t many mutants who can take Apocalypse... when if not now? Dark Sansa knows her shit.


Talking about dark - the unavoidable cameo (you know, Joan Lee and her husband... :) ) was bloody serious....... That’s a tonal shift from Tony Stank....


X-Men - Apocalypse is good. I don’t think Disney paid critics to give bad reviews, I understand those. It’s a crowed movie, stuffed with references, plot lines and characters. If you don’t know or like the series as a whole but just thought FC and DOFPT were OK, you may be disappointed. If you do like the X-Men films. Yay.

PS - As for the costumes for this film: only the villians get to be - daring. The heroes keep running around in black leather and plastic armour (and the way they get that is actually a bit stupid.) But - now that the Avengers proved that there’s more to Superhero fashion than black leather in cinemas as well, we are teased with comic book accurate outfits. For next time. And a Danger Room!

This is actually an image full of spoilers. Surprisingly it was published quite early.