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Maybe it's bigger on the inside?

Or maybe it's just bigger on TV. Anyway, this is the new show on the CW, spinoff of The Vampire Diaries. It's about vampires, and werewolves, and witches, and it's set in the French Quarter of New Orleans. I'm probably going to like the show. I like a lot of stuff on the CW, and I don't care if they are all white and pretty and ten years older than the parts they play etc...


And I don't really care about this either, just thought I'd mention it. Okay, the show is set in the French Quarter. The head vampire has ordered that the witches are not allowed to practice magic without his permission in the French Quarter. It doesn't seem to be an order that against magic in the state of Louisiana or even just New Orleans, but specifically the French Quarter. Not the Garden District or the place nearby that was totally destroyed by hurricane Katrina, not any of that other stuff, just the French Quarter. Sometimes they say New Orleans, but mostly just stuff happens in the French Quarter.

But, I guess the cemetery across the street is safe. So why doesn't everybody just go across the street?

The French Quarter is like ten blocks or something. If I wanted to, I could walk up and down every street in the French Quarter in an afternoon. It's a little bitty place with a lot of tourists and no parking.

But in The Originals it's a place that home to a bunch of vampires and some witches, and the regular humans are all trained to look the other way. And apparently you can leave a dead body in the middle of the street and no one will see it except for the people who are meant to see it. The regular humans will never know.


I'm thinking that if there were that many vampires and witches and such in that little place, there would be no room for regular humans. And I've been there three times and twice there was a murder while we were in the area. Seems like on the news they said either 50 people a year get murdered there or 50 people a year get murdered in clubs. That's not the total for the city, that's more like 200. Pretty sure the police and such are used to finding dead bodies in the French Quarter, and that there is no place in the area where no one but witches ever go. I mean, even if that wasn't where you were going, if you were just a bit lost and off by a street or two, someone would end up wherever it was by accident.

Okay, no big deal, I'm going to watch the show anyway. We were just having a bit of a giggle about it this morning.

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