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So no one has said anything about The Walking Dead yet?* Grab your walker-killing weapon of choice because spoilers are about to shamble out.

So random guy Patrick from last week dies several hours after showing symptoms of illness and turns. By the time things are done 10-15 of the folks in the cell block are dead. And we see Carol being the worst surrogate mother ever.


Seriously I would have gone with the option of just giving random father guy the quick mercy brain scramble then telling the girls later that Daddy died in the attack. But Carol brings the girls in while Daddy is dying and might turn any moment so that will be the last image the girls will have of their father.

So now the prison community has to deal with an outbreak of flu** (or something very flu-like) without the benefit of modern medicine. I wonder if Daryl licking his fingers before shaking Patrick's hand last week has some significance. Since this is The Walking Dead I don't expect that to go well. Things are already off to a bad start with the two people who may have been sick and were sent into isolation. Looks like there's a killer on the loose and Tyreese will probably want some words with him or her.

*And about thirty minutes after I post the main page recap finally goes up.

**It's supposed to be loosely based on the Spanish Flu outbreak from the last century.

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