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Maybe They Should Call The Show Gotham Sirens

It may be faint praise to say the current season of Gotham is the best so far. But the Bruce Wayne one-step-forward-two-steps-back approach to becoming the costumed vigilante that Gotham City needs is still one of the weakest parts of the show. Fortunately several women have stepped up.

Spoilers ahead for the current season.

After the end of Penguin’s reign in the first half of the season his club the Iceberg Lounge has been reclaimed by Barbara Kean and is back to being Sirens. (Selina Kyle brings the teen attitude in the promo above.)


Meanwhile Lee Thompkins is running the Narrows and Sofia is the last Falcone standing in Gotham.

I’m not sure about the newest version of Ivy, though. I can’t tell yet if the writers remember that despite looking thirtyish she’s still a teenager mentally. Things could get unintentionally really creepy.

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