How do you do, fellow kids? It’s that time again: Where I needlessly speculate about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! This time, my target topic is Spider Man! There has been some new news about the new direction of the Marvel-welcomed wall crawler, so lets discuss.


A while ago, Kevin Feige confirmed that Spider Man’s introduction into the MCU would not be an origin story. Just about everyone knows what happened (Amazing Spider Man be damned) and how Peter Parker got his powers. Hell, one of the only concrete rules in comics is that Uncle Ben is DEAD.

Well, earlier this week John Watts, the guy Marvel picked to direct the Marvel Spider Man film due out in 2017, dropped this interesting nugget:

In the MCU, Peter Parker is only 15 years old.

Now, in addition to this nugget, HeroicHollywood has heard a rumor that by the time the events of Captain America: Civil War unfold, Peter Parker has already been active as Spider Man (albeit underground and out of the public eye) for about a year, and by the time Spider Man comes out, he will have been active for two years. This makes sense, given that the timeline of the MCU is generally the same as time as it passes between the movies: Avengers happened in 2012, Winter Soldier was in 2014, etc. If Civil War takes place in 2016, then the events of Spider Man will be in 2017.


Now, this begs the question: Is Parker 15 years old as of Civil War, or Spider Man? That makes a huge difference. If John Watts was referencing the MCU overall, then Parker got his powers when he was 14. If he was referencing his own movie, then Parker got his powers when he was 13. That’s only a year difference, but 13 feels super young.

Similarly, Watts described his movie as “coming-of-age high-school movie.” If Peter is 15 now (and 16 when Spider Man comes out), then he will be a sophomore or junior in high school. That is prime coming-of-age range, and allows for a second movie (with Parker as a senior, and thus a second movie) with him still in school. Throughout the Spider Man movies released in the past 15 years, about one and a quarter movie’s worth (out of five total movies) involve Peter Parker in high school. This will be a refreshing take on the character.

Additionally, a while back it was rumored that in Civil War, Spider Man starts out with a home made suit, and by the end of the film is given a new suit (a more traditional Spider Man suit) by Tony Stark. We all know that Parker is a science wiz and would totally geek out with Stark and Banner. We also know that Parker and Stark have a history in the comics, so it makes sense that if Civil War draws anything from it’s source material, some kind of relationship between Parker and Stark will be formed.


With regards to the suit, I believe that the suit Parker makes himself will be some kind of mix of tight a fitting shirt and pants, with something that kinda matches covering his face. Parker is a 15 year old science wiz. He ain’t no Yeezus. You know what? After looking at that link, maybe he is...

By the end of the film, Stark will befriend him like the kid from Iron Man 3, or feel bad for what happens during Civil War, and gift him a new suit. My hypothesis is that the new suit will not be the Iron Spider, but rather a fabric suit that is durable, protective, and flashy. Maybe it’ll be an altered prototype for a fabric Iron Man suit to wear under Stark’s expensive suits, changed to meet Parker’s requirements. Of course, just like Stark added hot rod red to the Mark 3, he will add some blue and black to break up the red.

Not mentioned, however, were Parker’s web shooters. Traditionally, Parker is a genius on his own, and designed his own shooters. In the Rami movies, Parker developed natural webs, and in Amazing Spider Man, he stole / bought the solution from Oscorp. In the MCU, I have a feeling Parker will make adequate shooters that tend to malfunction here and there. Once he meets Stark, Stark will tinker and offer him some upgrades that are more durable (in line with the suit), but the source for the web solution will still be Parker. Maybe Stark wants the solution for a future Iron Man suit (dude, liquid that turns into rope! Think of the utility!), but Peter keeps it for himself.


Either way, the MCU is going to get a lot more interesting really quickly.