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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Here are some screenshots from my current and 2nd playthrough of ME3 using customs HD textures and SweetFX postprocessing effects that I mentions in Ursus's gaming thread from yesterday.

I put them in an Imgur album since Kinja shrinks down images, which would defeat the purpose of showing the screenshots as they're supposed to simulate what the game could have looked like if Bioware released a pack of HD textures for the game (they're about 4x the default resolution) for us PC Gaming Gods. So make sure to click on the 'see full resolution' corner tab to see them in 1080p.


Just a few notes: when I first started playing the game, the Sweet FX presets were set to give the game a more washed out and desaturated look, but I kept fiddling around with the sliders as the game progressed so now I just ended up with palette closer to the vanilla game.

And on some screens not all the textures are high-res, namely the weapons and the occasional NPC, cause loading textures through Texmod takes up a lot of RAM, so I had to be selective with what I loaded for each segment of the game. I generally prioritized main characters, environments, and enemies.

Everything I'm using was discovered through the Bioware Social community, and the majority of the HD textures were made by a ridiculously through and dedicated modder named Smarteck. So here are the two main resources if you want to give it a go for your own playthrough:

1. Main library of HD textures, instructions on how to run and install them via Texmod, as well as the post-processing application Sweet FX.


2. Additional catalog of HD textures (need to log in with Bioware/Origin ID)

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