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The actual paper

I'm posting the article directly to the odeck because the Gizmodo article comments are giving me a headache and because I want to ask neisseria a question about it. Not that others can't answer too!


So, this is promising, but wouldn't work in people vaccinated for measles. What will the anti-vaxxers and anti-anti-vaxxers do with this?! But anyway, I'm wondering whether and how possible it would be to engineer the virus to not express the antigen proteins that are targeted by the antibodies against it?

Now I'm just thinking out loud: this is what the paper says about the measles virus: Measles is an enveloped lymphotropic paramyxovirus with a negative-sense RNA genome whose surface glycoproteins not only mediate the entry of the virus into susceptible target cells but also drive the fusion of infected cells with adjacent uninfected cells.

Are these awesome glycoproteins targeted by the anti-measles antibodies?

If there's no way to engineer the virus to avoid the vaccine titer antibodies, it becomes a public health question of whether it's better to risk measles early in life or intractable cancer in later in life. Statistically, I'm guessing the latter.