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I have long been a fan of reading both Medium and Matter, today an interesting piece I hadn't seen popped up onto my reading list and that led to another one I somehow missed rather recently.

Those two reads are both Android related, which are worth sharing since some of you here are Android users and some are also design fans of one sort or another. The pieces are both part of a series entitled "Understanding Material Design".


The first part is Material is the metaphor.

The second part is Authentic motion.


I won't spoil them at all for you, if you would like to know more you'll have to head over to each link yourself and read on.


Also, for those who are unaware, a large part of Material Design comes from the mind of the always spectacularly dressed Matias Duarte (Google "Matias Duarte shirts" and be prepared for the results), who is Google's VP of Design and Director of Android OS User Experience from Android 3.0 to now. This is a guy who really knows his stuff. (He's also got three stated goals: larger devices, evolving Android and a better user interface.)

On a related note, Phandroid has numerous wallpapers based on some of his shirts. They've also got a great IFTTT recipe to push new wallpaper related articles to your phone.


Since this is supposed to be a bit more than a "check out this link" post, Material Design is the new design look that will be appearing in the release of Android L (which should be happening sometime next month, previous releases and recent leaks point to that happening around October 15th). This next release of Android is significant enough, in both design and general overhaul to the OS, as to pretty much mandate another point revision to the OS, meaning this next version will likely be Android L 5.0. It is already available in a Developer Preview version for both the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2013 WiFi model) here. So if you feel adventurous enough and know how to flash a factory image feel free to head there and download the necessary files.


For additional information on Material Design head here. You'll find information on the Material Theme, new widgets, shadows, animations and much more there. It's understandable enough that even the laymen to Android development can understand it and detailed enough that those are not can get their thrill at reading about what's to come.

For additional information on Notification Design head here. You'll find far more information about the rather significant changes being made to notifications there and rather than list it all (some of which is rather dull sounding) I suggest you see it for yourself firsthand to fully understand what's coming and get a really great first look before everyone else. Actions and Heads-Up Notifications are both things I personally look forward to. They're going to be big and really change things up in a significant way for the average user (many of whom I think it's fair to say haven't used such things before, as both have been found in the custom ROM world for some time now).


And that's all I have for you today. On a related note, this week's Wednesday Android Update will cover some apps some of you may or may not be familiar with, a small sampling of apps I simply can't live without and use daily (all of which are in exception to the standard Google ones I'd simply be remiss without).

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