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Meet Cecil: UPDATE

I normally don't do non-scifi/science/fantasy posts, but I have to show this guy off. He's fluffy, he's grey, he may eventually become a radio host in a desert town where angels don't exist.

This is Cecil. Formerly a street kitten, now an apartment kitten. We just adopted him and his sister, Sally, and got them home tonight. Sally is of course the shyer of the two, so as of right now we lack images of our equally fluffy, big-eyed tabby.


We think they're Maine Coon. For being trapped and fixed barely two weeks ago, they are suuuuuper mellow though. No hissing, no ears back, just kind of a mild look of upset that someone is picking them up. They're the only two kittens in the litter, so we wanted to keep them together.

We'll be slowly getting them used to the rest of the apartment, ourselves, at the life of netflix binging Star Trek they deserve. But for now they have one tricked out bathroom.

UPDATE: Sally has emerged.


She's very shy.

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