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Meet me at Tech Noir, over on Pico Blvd...

... it’s a bitchin’ club, cheap cover, good pours, and a slammin’ sound system, and this hot new band “Tryanglz” is playing tonight” said a doomed fictional character about a doomed fictional band at a doomed fictional club in 1984.

But, hey, for a fictional band with an outrageously “80s” name, they were okay! The fictional club? Great name, epic name, but really kind of a dive...

Kind of a dive, but all real rock clubs are dives, right?

Of course, Tryanglz (!) was the band playing in the pivotal club scene from James Cameron’s 1984 classic The Terminator. They’re the band that gets all reverb-y and echo-y when Sarah first sees Kyle and sparks fly.

Invented in the studio specifically for the film’s soundtrack, Tryanglz (!!) featured the film’s composer Brad Fiedel, and then-up-and-coming singer Tahnee Cain, supported by guitarist Dave Amato (Ted Nugent, REO Speedwagon), bassist Ricky Phillips (The Babys, Styx), drummer Mugs Cain (Michael Bolton), and keyboard player Jonathan Cain (Mugs’ current brother, Tahnee’s then-husband, and roadie/pianist for indy-folk-rock band Journey).



*Burnin’ in the Third Degree*:

(Seriously, just how rich is Jonathan Cain? Like Scrooge McDuck rich, man.)


Not related to Troy McClure, and not properly dressed for the beach.

Tahnee’s 1982 solo album (under the name Tane`, of course) never took off, and her music career fizzled and died. As Tane McClure, she went on to make a name for herself in the exploitation/B-movie/Cinemax genre (Crawlspace, Zombie Death House, Sexual Roulette) and gained mainstream exposure as Reese Witherspoon’s mom in the critically-acclaimed Legally Blond series of hit movies. Although she sadly claims no relation to the great American actor, hero, and icon Troy McClure, the late character actor and Hollywood mainstay Doug McClure was her dad.




The Late Great Roddy McDowall was cooler than anyone in this article. Actually, even his friends are cooler than anyone in this damn article.

In addition to Terminator, Terminator 2, and popular theme park ride Terminator 2: 3-D, composer Brad Feidel went on to lend his modern, high-tech and synth-laden style to many films, including Tane` McClure’s Night Visions, Roddy McDowall’s Fright Night and Fright Night 2, LeVar Burton’s TV movie The Midnight Hour, Gary Cole’s TV series Midnight Caller, and quite a few Hollywood blockbusters that do not have the word “night” in their titles for some unknown reason.

The recent Terminator: The Definitive Edition Soundtrack has received praise from critics and fans alike, and is highly recommended.


[Terminator Definitive Edition Soundtrack] [Johnny Mnemonic Soundtrack]

[The Serpent and the Rainbow Soundtrack] [Fright Night Deluxe Re-Issue]

And now, an encore number from that hot and wylde new band: TRYANGLZ (!!!)

(Yeah, it hurts my head and hands to type that damned band name.)



YEAH, BABY, IT’S GINGER VENTURA!!! Bess Motta was also the host of TV’s “20 Minute Workout” and might have caused a nearly apocalyptic outbreak of “early male puberty” in the 80s.

Even though they weren’t quite a movie-manufactured band, and don’t feature in the Tech Noir scene, I simply must give an honorable mention to Lin Van Hek’s eponymous troupe of 80s new wave goofballs.

Lin is kind of a big deal down under, where she’s well-known as an award-winning singer, songwriter, novelist, poet, painter, and advocate of hand-made houses and ethical silk garments and textiles. Damn!


One would think that her song “Intimacy” was playing on the jukebox at Tech Noir before the band showed up. And, since it was Ginger Ventura’s preferred post-coital Walkman tune, one has to assume that Ginger had been to that club many times before... Maybe she even met her buddy Matt there! Or, maybe Ginger just liked Lin because of their awesome matching hair-styles?



[Play it loud, and this song makes you feel like you’re drinking vodka and Diet Coke while riding an exer-cycle in a skeevy suburban fitness club circa 1985. Or maybe that’s just me.]




Yep! It’s Pugsley the Lizard. Because he rules.


[Pugsley, an iguana who survived a violent cyborg home invasion in 1984, and was tragically turned into a belt by an ex- television “exercise show” host in 1987, still happily lives today, because of good old fashioned timey-wimey-wibbly-wobbly stuff.]

[Pugsley the Iguana’s Fan-Mail Address Link]


This has been the first episode of a planned 6-part series about “Great Fake SF&F Rock Bands ”. I got a list and everything. Please, feel free to nominate your favorites!


Disclaimer: I will not be featuring Buckaroo Bonsai and The Hong Kong Cavaliers. I am just a lowly novice writer and part-time turtle-wrangler in the Florida swamps. Those guys are simply too freakin’ awesome for my meager words.

Have a great day, and enjoy the way-back machine and the music!

The Terminator. Music by Brad Fiedel, 1984. Remastered/Re-Issued, 2009

This article (and series) was inspired by: [theRoo] [99tele] and [FourFingerWu]

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