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This is it. Less than 24 hours to go on the Bring Back MST3K kickstarter, and the surprises just keep rolling in! We’re within spitting distance of getting a full 12 episodes*, and Joel just revealed that Jack Black, Joel Mchale, Bill Hader, Neil Patrick Harris, Jerry Seinfeld, Dana Gould, and Mark Hamill have all expressed interest in doing guest appearances on the new series!

Obviously, this is all tentative on everyone’s availability during the show’s shooting schedule and (hopefully) whether they can think up a decent part for them to play. I’m guessing it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to squeeze all of them into just 9-12 episodes, but it’ll be interesting to see how many do show up in the final product.


This announcement follows hot on the heels of the news that MST3K veterans Paul “Pitch” Chaplin and Beez “prop diva” McKeever will both be rejoining the MST3K team, in addition to an incredibly impressive list of guest writers including Dan Harmon (Community/Rick & Morty), Justin Roiland (the other creator of Rick & Morty), Rob Schrab (Scud: The Disposable Assassin/Heat Vision and Jack), Nell Scovell (The Simpsons/Muppet Show), Ernie Cline (author of Ready Player One), Pat Rothfuss, Paul & Storm, and Robert Lopez.

All in all, this is shaping up to be one hell of a star-studded MST3K. Which I’m a little worried about, given that the original series had precisely one guest star in it’s entire 11 year run (Leonard Maltin), which was underwhelming to say the least.

Still, as long as the big names check their egos at the door and don’t mind getting into goofy costumes to play nearly unrecognizable characters on the hexfield view screen, I don’t have a problem with it. (Hey, it worked just fine for Pete & Pete and The Aquabats, and actually, I could totally see Jack Black putting on a bald cap and fat suit, then singing a song... as Tor Johnson.)


*By the way, for people looking at the Kickstarter page and Kicktraq URL, neither of these numbers are especially accurate given that it doesn’t count the $375,000+ they’ve raised in additional funding from the MST3k Add-Ons page, which allows you to buy any of the goodies available as kickstarter rewards individually.


As of right now, you can pre-order the entire new season (which again, will definitely be at least nine 90 minute episodes long, but probably longer) on either DVD or Blu-Ray for $85 or $100 respectfully, and all proceeds count towards the total funding of the new season, but not your kickstarter rewards level. (So if you buy the DVD set for $85, you don’t get the $50 kickstarter rewards tossed in, but it’s cheaper overall, so quit your bellyachin’.) That’s a pretty good price for a collectible DVD set that comes with a bunch of special features exclusive to the “Kickstarter Collector’s Edition” and could even end up being cheaper than the non-special edition set Shout will inevitably end up releasing some time late next year.

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