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Mega Question

Over on the Twitter, Chrono and I were calmly discussing the Megaman franchise when our beloved Homework Ogre interjected with, and I quote, “2 > all the rest of the reg MM games.”

Now, I’m no gaming expert, but he’s clearly wrong.

Megaman 3 was the best because, HELLOOOOOO SLIDE! and of course, my current ringtone (Thanks Bang!):

Also, I just thought the stage design and music was overall, really well done.

I love the look of Gemini Man’s space/water physics stage design so much that I want to make a little Pole plushie. The bubble part has me stymied, though; and, I’m not sure what fabric to choose for the Pole itself. I think liquid lamé will work; however, the stability of the knit...



So let’s put an end to this debate (well, it’s less of a debate and more of an idle curiosity). Which Megaman game get’s your Yellow Devil in a tizzy?

Will it be 4, with it’s Pharaoh’s curse? Or possibly 6 with its Knights and Centaurs? I dunno, it’s your gameplay!

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