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Mega Shark vs Mecha Shark - Like Pacific Rim with sharks

...If you ignore everything that made Pacific Rim any good. Saturday Syfy premiered the third movie in the Mega Shark series and I watched it so you don't have to. Mega spoilers ahoy if you really care.


Since this is the third mega shark attack the world has faced (as one character mentions several times early in the movie), we have been preparing for it. To fight sharks, we created sharks of our own (fortunately no one in the movie actually says that).

The heroes this time around are the married couple of Jack and Rosie (played by Christopher Judge and Elizabeth Röhm). Rosie pilots the mecha shark with the assistance of Nero, the onboard computer system that Jack designed. Debbie Gibson also reprises her role from Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus for no reason other than to deliver some exposition.

Rosie sucks at her job since she manages to sink a navy ship, rupture an undersea pipeline and almost cripple the mecha shark by the midpoint of the movie. The macha shark continues the hunt for the mega shark unmanned with Nero in control. After receiving further damage the mecha shark goes into a secret rogue mode.


The mecha shark also has an amphibious mode that allows it to go on a rampage through Sydney, Australia.


Rosie and Jack go into action to save the day with a plan that includes going "through the chum chute" among other heroic acts. Mega shark and mecha shark are both destroyed.


If you're still not deterred from see this it's streaming on Netflix.

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