Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

A while back, io9 did a list of songs with a sci-fi/fantasy theme, and last week there was talk about the Seventh Son movie, which immediately made me think of the Iron Maiden album of the same name (it's not based on the same book as the movie, but the original folklore concept).

So, since I asked to be able to post on the O-Deck weeks (months?) ago but haven't done anything with it, I thought I'd do a weekly post about (mostly 80s) metal bands who also seem to be sci-fi/fantasy geeks. I will be sticking to songs and albums I actually have (mostly on CD, but some of the recent ones digitally), so sorry if you don't see some of your favorites.


This week will be Judas Priest, who have quite a few songs about sci-fi and fantasy concepts.

Starting with Metal Gods (off the British Steel album), which is what the topic title is a riff on. Your classic machines taking over their human creators story.

Their Screaming for Vengeance album includes the song Electric Eye, based on the ideas from 1984. Could also fit right in on a soundtrack for Person of Interest.

Defenders of the Faith had a couple horror themed songs.

The Sentinel (doesn't seem to be related to the movie from the 70s, but still comes off as a horror/fantasy story)

Love Bites (not to be confused with the Def Leppard song of the same name) is a nice creepy vampire song.


Update1: can't believe I forgot this one, off their Ram It Down album.

Blood Red Skies has a sci-fi feel to it with talk (singing) of cybernetic heartbeats and pneumatic fingers.

Painkiller had both it's title song, and Hell Patrol.

Update2: thanks to BlueBeard for catching this glaring omission on my part.

Nightcrawler - not based on the Marvel character, but about a horrific creature (which is probably how he was perceived by regular people in the Marvel universe).

And they even wrote songs about historical figures like Jack the Ripper

And Nostrodamus (who got an entire concept album, this was the first song on it)

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