So in August 11th the Supreme Court in Mexico upheld the decision to make it absolutely legal for same sex couples to adopt children. Mind you, it was not illegal before, but as you know, progress sometimes has to come forced by laws to make it difficult for people to use their prejudice against minorities. Some places in Facebook are exploding of course. And I think i’m going to avoid the news for a few days.

A week before the Supreme Court in the U.S. made Same Sex marriage official in every state, the same happened in Mexico. We’ve had this coming for a while. Same sex marriage became legal in 2009 in Mexico City and even if it wasn’t available at any other state, it became a lawful contract valid in the whole country that needed to be upheld by every federal institution. To this date, thousands of same sex couples in Mexico are married and/or have children.


This is good. Even though Mexico has a lot of problems, and a gigantic Catholic base that covers a great deal of our national culture. Even though Catholic priests have been lining up in civil registries trying to impede judges from expediting marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Even if making gays the butt of the joke is commonplace, and even with the incredible ignorance towards trans issues that our culture presents often everywhere. Even after all that, progress has been made. But at what cost?

Yes, religious arguments of “Jesus cries” are dumb. Getting more gays due to gays raising children is moronic. More likelihood of child abuse is bigoted and absurd to the point of wanting to send you to planet Antivaxxer with my homosexual chem-trail laced fire ants. However, a very reasonable argument against same-sex marriage has come from no other place than Facebook. I’ll translate Joan Borgia’s argument to English:

Please forgive me for saying this, but there is a real bad precedent to allowing adoption for same sex couples. Let’s not go far* and let me cite the very well known story of Anakin Skywalker, an orphan kid from planet Tatooine. He was adopted by a couple formed by two men. 32 years later he went on to destroy a whole planet. He also fought tirelessly against the Republic!

Even with the very big inaccuracy of “not far,” Joan makes a very compelling argument. Is it worth it? To give same sex couples the right to adopt? Even if it means the future destruction of entire planets? The loss of billions? And even worse, a series of documentaries detailing the whole ordeal that is 50% awful and lets us know about Jar Jar?

I think it is worth it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to give baby Damian his bottle.


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