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Michelle Gomez and Familiar Faces join Doctor Who Series 8

The BBC have just announced that Michelle Gomez, best know to UK viewers for her roles in Green Wing and Bad Education, will be joining the latest series of Doctor Who, along with some returning baddies and a familiar face... spoilers for who they are beyond the cut!

Gomez will be playing a character, clad in some Mary Poppins-esque Victoriana, known as the Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere, which sounds (and probably is) quite sinister. But it looks like she'll be joined by some old Who stalwarts: The Cybermen are back on the streets of Cardiff!


The gorgeously updated Cybermen from Nightmare in Silver and The Time of The Doctor are going to come face to face with the new Doctor! Capaldi and Cybies, oh my. I just hope they finally get a good 'proper' Cyberman story - it's believed that the crew, under the helm of director Rachel Talalay, are currently filming the series finalé, presumably penned by Steven Moffat.

But that's not the only familiar face - Blogtor Who is reporting that a UNIT presence is also on set today, joined by Ingrid Oliver's UNIT scientist (and Fourth Doctor fangirl) Osgood from The Day of The Doctor. Osgood has even purportedly ditched her multicoloured scarf in favour of a bow tie and converse after her last encounter with The Doctor... maybe after this one she'll pick up a cardigan?

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