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Middlearth Ist Kriëg!

a compendium of Tolkien inspired metal 

(#MetalGeeks 11, #metalmonday, I hope this schedulling thing works, and this is a HUGE post with lots of videos.. Might want to open and let it load for a while ^^)


So, those who know me should be aware that I love both metal and Tolkien, so when umataro42 was doing his MetalGeeks posts I offered to make one about Tolkien-inspired metal, thinking "this should be easy"... Why I thought that, I don't know.

Anyway... First of all, this is only about metal songs / bands that use Tolkien's mythology in their lyrical themes, so Amon Amarth is out (yes, I know what it means, I could even point where it is in a map of Eä, but they sing about vikings, not elfs and as such.. They are off.)


As a rule of thumb : if I can find a band in youtube, I'll share. If I can't... I'll pretend it doesn't exist (which saddens me because there's a band called "Uruk-High" that sounds really funny and another one named "Hobbits From The Shire" and many more I'd like to listen to).

Let's start with "One Song Hits" ( bands that have one / two songs about Tolkien's writings ) :

Technically not metal (yet) but both bands are major influences in almost everything metal that came after, so I'd wager they deserve a spot here :

Black Sabbath - The Wizard

Led Zeppelin - Battle of Evermore

And now, metal!

Dark Moor (Power Metal) [they also have songs about Elric, but that's for another post (I totally shouldn't be giving myself more things to do...)]

Morgoth (Trash / Industrial)

Attacker (Power Metal)

Sabaton (Power Metal)

Running Wild (Power / Speed Metal)

Unleashed (Trash Metal) have a couple of musics that fit too, although they are mostly a viking band :

and also

Battlorn (Epic Power Metal)

In Spanish too! The first lines of the song translate to "master of fate, by fate forgotten", if my spanish is any good Adrian Mendez / Fortuna Fugaz (Heavy / Power metal)

also in Spanish : Lándevir

And what about a music in latin about slaying Elfs? Nazgûl did it :

And now, let's move to those bands more committed to their love of Tolkien :

Many bands offer a full album, like : Infected Virulence (Death Metal) - Music of Melkor

Emyn Muil (Epic / Ambient Black Metal) - Túrin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga

also Ringwraith (Black Metal) - Tales From Middle Earth

Or choosing a name inspired by Tolkien and then offering a couple songs in every other album. (In this next section (the biggest) I'll be sort-of dividing this by style. First, Black Metal)


Vanyar (Epic Black)

I must confess I am partial to this band both because they are Portuguese and because they have a song called "Yrch" and that is why there's 2 songs by them. Nargothrond (Black Metal)

Númenor (also Epic Black Metal) :

Some bands however offer more than a few songs, like Summoning, whose lyrical themes are pretty much all Tolkien (Epic/Atmospheric Black Metal, again)

Gothmorg (Ambient Black Metal)

Some bands don't sing in English... This one does it in French : Osgiliath (Black Metal again? Yes, but this is Medieval Black Metal, totally not the same)

And now, Black Metal / Folk Hybrids (and a couple bonus Folk, because apparently there aren't that many pure Folk Metal bands singing about Middle Earth) :

Fangorn (Folk / Black Metal)

who then changed the name to Rivendell (and became Epic Black Metal)

Avathar (Black / Folk Metal)

Cruachan (Black Folk early / Celtic Folk after)

early :

recent :

Tengwar (Folk)

(in Quenya!)

(but also in English)

Kalevala (Folk)

"but.. Is it just Black Metal and Folk?"

No, not really. Lots of Heavy / Power Metal too!

Witchking (Epic Heavy Metal)

Mayhayron (Heavy Metal) have a three part song : Broken Sword / Middle-earth on Fire / The Blade Reforged :

Battlelore (Symphonic Epic Metal)

Arkenstone (Melodic Power Metal)

And even in Russia there's Tolkien fanatics! (or at least I hope they are singing about Tolkien. And in Russian.)


Arda (Power Metal)

While some bands go for the subtle approach to tribute (by offering a song or album to Tolkien) some others are way more straightforward about it, like : Metal Tribute to Tolkien (Epic Metal)


here they are, playing in the middle of a forest and singing in Sindarin:

And as if that wasn't enough, we even have Doom Metal :

Zabiis (Epic Doom Metal)

Olórin (and less epic, but also Doom Metal)

Lords of the Stone (a little bit more of Doom)

bonus :

Daedeloth (and to end the Doom, a Death / Doom hybrid!)

I'm guessing most of you (there are people reading this, right?) already knew this band had to be here. I left it to the end, because instead of a music I'll give you a full cd. They are probably one of the most famous Tolkien inspired metal bands, and this is their concept album about the Silmarillion. The intro presents us to Sauron reporting to Melkor that all has been lost...


Blind Guardian (Power Metal)

And.. That's all for today. Maybe next week I'll do this for Moorcock (on a way smaller scale), but I promise nothing.

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